Kassandra Sapia

Bruce Griffin, TheraPlate Brand Ambassador, presents Tymo Fan de Stuken and rider Kassandra Sapia with the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award (Photo courtesy of Avalon Photography LLC)

Burbank, CA (October 26, 2015)— Robin and Steve Young purchased their Friesian, Tymo Fan de Stuken, called “Phantom,” as a yearling seven years ago. Since then, Steve and the Youngs’ daughter Kassandra Sapia trained Phantom to be the talented horse he is today. This year, all of their hard work paid off as Phantom and Sapia won the Amateur Western Pleasure World Championship at the 2015 International Friesian Show Horse Association (IFSHA) World and Grand National Championship Horse Show.

Along with his World Championship title, Phantom was recognized for his incredible fitness and body conformation at the 2015 IFSHA Championships. TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms, a company that manufactures easy-to-use therapy platforms that promote equine fitness, relieve pain, and speed healing, has traveled the United States this fall to award deserving horses with the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award. Phantom winning the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award at the Friesian Championships was a happy addition to his successful weekend of showing with the Young family.

The TheraPlate Peak Performance Award is presented to horses that exemplify the athletic ability of their breed and exhibit peak physical condition. Phantom stood out to both the judges and show officials at this year’s IFSHA Championships for embodying these traits. Bruce Griffin, Vice President of IFSHA and a TheraPlate Brand Ambassador, personally presented Phantom with the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award.

Robin Young credits Phantom’s excellent condition to his training and workout regimen and quality care. “He gets worked four times a week, and his grooming and care are big priorities, along with his supplements,” she said.
“The best thing about Phantom is that he gives you his all, and he’s there when it comes show time.” Robin Young added. “No matter what, come show time he does his performance. Kassandra will continue riding Phantom western now that the IFSHA Championships are over, and my husband is probably going to start driving him at the shows. Their main goal was to get him a World Championship under western— and they did!”

Sandy Jacob, President of IFSHA, said, “The TheraPlate Peak Performance Award was new to our show this year, and added excitement and a finishing touch to a well-executed show for our members and exhibitors.”

TheraPlate therapy platforms are incredible tools for riders and owners to use on horses of any breed to help them develop supreme fitness levels worthy of the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award. TheraPlate’s platforms are also popular tools for humans to use to reach their ideal body conditions. The TheraPlate platforms are proven to help improve blood circulation for better and quicker healing, increase muscle mass and bone strength, and reduce inflammation and pain.


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