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{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} The Coughing Horse Eleanor Blazer The sound of a coughing horse can make things come to a halt. Conversation stops, chores are paused, training and riding lessons are interrupted as heads turn to look at the horse. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don Blazer Don’t Let Your Horse Get Thrush Don Blazer In the world of horses, thrush is not a songbird. It’s a dirty bird. Thrush is an unhealthy condition of the hoof which is most frequently blamed on a dirty stall. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} LAR strap around stifle Large Animal Rescue Eleanor Blazer Many of us grew up watching “Lassie”. The poor collie kept busy leading rescuers to accident-prone Timmy after he fell down cliffs, got stuck in quicksand or ended up in abandoned mine shaft Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don Blazer Don’t Be a Horse Whisperer Don Blazer Horses don’t want you to be too strong. If you go macho-man, one of two bad things happens Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don with Sox A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer A Horse, Of Course Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don and Walter A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer The Roman Empire owes the horseshoe. There’s no doubt about it. Without the horseshoe there would never have been a Roman Empire. Oh, there might have been a good-sized Roman state, or eve Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} UC Davis' new portable PET scanner is the first of its kind to be used to image UC Davis Acquires First Equine PET Scanner UC Davis The UC Davis veterinary hospital recently acquired a positron emission tomography (PET) scanner, becoming the first veterinary facility in the world to utilize the imaging technology Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Vaccine given in neck The Way of Horses Eleanor Blazer "Do you give your own vaccinations?" It's a question I get asked frequently, and the answer is, "No". I could, but if I call my vet at 7 am on a Sunday morning with an emergency, she will Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Eleanor Blazer and My Kustom Kruzer THE WAY OF HORSES Eleanor Blazer s your horse getting a little long in the tooth? This old saying usually means the horse (or person) is getting old. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don on Sheza A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer There are basically two types of nervous horses. There is the bold nervous and the timid nervous. And while they are very much the same, they are different. Read More
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