Mustang Makeover 4 - The Final Story

July 1, 2009
Steve Bauhr
Carolyn and Steve Bauhr, Tonopah Ora, George and Misty

The Extreme Mustang Makeover competition at the Western States Horse Expo in June was a blast, and Tononpah Ora tried her heart out. Overall, we finished in the middle of the pack. All the trainers involved were incredible. And the folks at BLM and The Mustang Heritage Foundation did a great job and found homes for every horse, including Tonopah.

Three months of work and preparation went into this project, and I can gladly say that our mustang mare was ready to enjoy a great new life. For those of you who have followed our mare’s progress, I’m happy to say she was purchased by a young couple who have a ranch a short distance from the coast. They own one mustang already and plan to use Tonopah on the ranch with the cattle and for rides on the beach. Horses love a job and she’ll have one there. The couple is also involved with mustang projects. They plan to ride her in at the mustang adoption and promotion in Salinas, CA.

It was very satisfying to hand Tonopah to them, and I had not one thing to warn them about. She turned into an incredible horse.

As a trainer I have to say goodbye to horses who have stayed here for long periods all the time. For the most part, I’ve gotten used to it. But this time, the lump in my throat was a little bigger and the ranch seemed a bit empty without that special little mare who came so far and that touched so many of us deeply this year.

May the Lord the Bless you and Keep you Tonopah Ora!