Make Money with Horses

September 5, 2013
Don Blazer
Don Blazer

Make Money With Horses

By Don Blazer

It’s amazing how many supposedly savvy business people just don’t get it! They ask bad questions, so they conclude the “horse market is bad.”

The market for horses is never “bad”, but their advice for making money with horses almost always is. They simply don’t understand basic capitalism.

The horse market, they say, “historically fluctuates with the prices of other production animals.” Nothing could be farther from the truth…horses, and their prices, have nothing to do with production (food) animals. The price of a horse until the early 60s was based on the amount of work or income he could produce—and he couldn’t produce much after cars and tractors became available, so the price of the horse was low then and has remained so. Forty years ago you could buy a nice yearling or two-year-old for $1,000 any time and anywhere. The same is true today. (No potential to satisfy market demand.)
If you want to know how bad the horse business is, simply ask the wrong questions. Here are the questions asked by one business survey: How is the horse market in your area? Are you able to sell your horses in a timely manner and for a reasonable price? What are auction prices? The survey found one common response: the market in every area of the country is down and the cost of fuel is up. (When you ask the wrong questions you are going to get flawed answers.)
If you want to know how good the horse business is, ask the right questions. Have you selected a specific market for a specific horse? Can you reach that market easily and affordably? If the answers are “yes,” then ask, “Do you have a horse that market wants…really wants?”
If you do, pocket your profits and tell the world, “The horse market is good!” If you don’t, take your loss, and learn your lesson. Supply and demand control the market. The reason the market is always down for most horse owners is they are trying to sell horses no one wants. It’s as simple as that—when you’ve got a horse hundreds or thousands of people want, the market is up and the price is going sky high!

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