Infrared Thermal Imaging for Horses...from a Dog's Perspective--Catch the Video!

June 18, 2013
Coach Gary
Coach Gary

Because you care for your horse, and your horse trusts you to do just that, you'll want to take a look at this brief & informative video. And, after all, don't you really want to know what a dog thinks about your horse? Of course!'s your video:

Infrared for Horses--from a Dog's Perspective

Why should you get an infrared scan for your horse? Can thermal imaging assist you and your vet to help your horse? 'Coach Gary' of United Infrared, along with 'Kingsley the Marketing Dog', weigh in on this important issue. Kingsley is a Great Pyrenees dog, and about the size of a small pony!

Infrared scans for horses are typically performed with a high-resolution IR camera, such as a FLIR T420. A minimum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels is required for equine work. Other acceptable cameras are manufactured by Testo and Palmer-Wahl...just be sure and check the resolution; ask your equine imaging tech just to be sure!

Basically, as the owner of an animal, there is an obligation to take care of it, and when an issue is not obvious, then diagnostic tools, such as an equine scan, in the hands of a specially-trained veterinarian, can be helpful. This short video helps to sort through some issues.

Maybe you've never before heard of equine thermal imaging. Even so, if this all sounds pretty interesting, you might like some additional information. You are welcome to attend a pre-recorded class on the subject. Just click on this link: Equine IR webinar -- YouTube You'll learn more about the science behind thermal imaging, along with a sample business plan, should you want to pursue this exciting career option.

The next EquineIR infrared camera class has been announced by United Infrared. That EquineIR class still has seats available for its July 23-25 class in San Diego, and registration is open. However, EquineIR is the most popular of all its various classes, and typically sells out, so be sure and call quickly.

For info and to ask any questions, call United Infrared's office at 888-722-6447.