Bring Your Horses and Stay at the Walking G Ranch

May 6, 2009
Wlaking G Ranch
Dave Newcomb.

Since the summer of 1950, the Walking G Ranch in Northern California has been home to prized Thoroughbreds and Quarter horses that are bred and raised for racing and showing.

Since then, Dave Newcomb, owner and manager of the ranch, has had kids come out to camp and experience the ranch life style.

Now, after 52 years, Dave has decided to offer this enjoyable experience to families and large groups of people. Nestled in the scenic Genesee Valley and surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the ranch is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your horse. The ranch has a bunk house for up to 15 guests and there is a kitchen. Guests bring their own sleeping bags and food. Guests also bring their own horses. The ranch has a swimming pool, and there is a nearby lake for fishing and boating. In the tiny town of Genesee, there’s a small store and restaurant.

Says Dave Newcomb, “As a small boy on a horse farm near Newport, RI, I dreamed of having a horse ranch out West where you could ride the trail for days without hitting a fence.” And now he is sharing his dream ranch with us! Call Dave at (530) 284-6681.