Adventures with Best of America by Horseback Television Show

February 2, 2015
Adventures with Best of America by Horseback Television Show
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It is my pleasure for Best of America by Horseback to renew our association with you and Ride Magazine.

Like most of you, my love of riding began with a pony years ago where I dreamed of someday riding in the places that I watched in western movies and perhaps with my friends to the far corners of America. Reality and growing up has a way of altering our dreams but horse people seem to preserve their dreams throughout their lives. For years as an outfitter and camping by horseback, it gave me great joy to introduce the most inexperienced to a way of life with horses. Although my specialty was outfitting and later trail riding, I enjoyed watching these people venture into other disciplines such as cattle events, barrel racing, roping, dressage, equitation, and shows. The western lifestyle and the association with horses have created opportunities for people to live their dreams. Recently we had a rider join us that was 102 years old and we know many riders who began riding after retirement and are in their 60’s and 70’s.

Best of America by Horseback is a television show that has been seen on RFD-TV for the past ten years, is the top trail riding show in the world and features some of the best places to ride and visit like dude ranches, historic towns, campgrounds and state and federal lands. We have traveled all across the Americas such as The Pony Express Trail, Mount Rushmore, along the Rio Grande River from Mexico and continued to Canada, the beaches of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, the Great Plains, and virtually every state. The show has become a home for all types of riders that love to trail ride in historic places, famous trails or just the great outdoors. Any rider of any level can join us for extraordinary adventures.

The secret to our success has been for our company and our staff to do all the planning, research and preparations for a ride. The riders simple show up and enjoy making new friends, riding the wonderful trails and being pampered to incredible banquets. We associate ourselves with the best trainers, and sponsors of quality products who teach and educate. Further, we are family oriented. People realize we take care of every single rider and our rides are locations where their families and children can ride and enjoy a family wholesome environment.

Our next locations that you can join us is in February where we will be riding at some premier locations such as a dude ranch at historic Tombstone, the Cochise Stronghold area, and a historic dude ranch called Circle Z. Or you may be interested in joining me at some of our other upcoming rides, which you can find out more about by visiting our website to learn more about all the upcoming ride opportunities,

Each month we will talk about locations we have visited and inform you of new places we will be riding. Next month, we will be giving you a sneak peak of a special announcement for the 2016 Grand Tour.

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