A Horse, Of course

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If you want to be rich and you want to be happy, then you must do what you love.

Simple as that!

“No it isn’t,” you say… You’ve got a job and a husband and kids, or a wife and kids, and a dog and three horses.
You can’t just quit your job and open your horse grooming business, SHINNING STAR, and do what you love.

Sure you can! And you’d better, because everyday that goes by is a day lost; you’re not going to get it back and if you spent it doing something you didn’t love, then shame on you.

David was the manager of a Southern California beach-resort hotel, but it wasn’t his passion. His passion was and is horses…not that he had ever done anything with a horse except trail ride.

“I had no idea what I’d be good at, but I knew I wanted to quit what I was doing and do something with horses,” David says.

So David decided to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in equine studies, online, during his off-work time…and along the way he concluded that what he loved most was training horses to be trail horses. While completing his college online horse-course assignments, other horse lovers saw David at work, and he soon had a small group of clients.
“It was getting pretty obvious my trail horse training business wasn’t just a pipe dream,” David recalls.

So, he quit his job.

And he didn’t starve; in fact his business grew. Upon graduation and with his diploma in-hand, David applied for a position as the trainer or a string of trail horses that will be rented out to the guests of a mountain resort. Of course he got the job.

But the job isn’t a job; it’s part and parcel of his new business which is training horses to be trail horses. He’s making money (on his way to being rich) and he’s happy because he’s doing what he loves.

Did he have to make sacrifices? Of course!

There is a price to pay for whatever it is you want.

What’s the price of a home, a car, clothes, vacations? When you want them, you’re willing to pay.

In David’s case the price was earning credentials, quitting a job and being willing to accept the uncertainty of what tomorrow might bring. For others, it may be necessary to move to a different state, get a second degree, give up a hobby to free time to build a future.

There will be a price; are you willing to pay it?

No matter the price, you are never satisfied by purchase of things…in the long run they are never enough.
In the long run, the price you pay for the career and happiness you want will seem a bargain.

Determine your passion; be certain of your choice.

Then you can change your career and change your life.



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