Western Dressage Benefits Any Horse

Dressage is the only way to naturally train Western horses of any breed. After all, a horse is a horse! You don’t have to train differently just because you use an English or Western saddle.

We must remember that “Dressage” is a French word that means “training of animals.” Dressage is a foundational way to teach a horse according to his natural instincts, behaviors, personality and temperament.

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Western Dressage Offers Benefits For Show Horses Of All Breeds

Western Dressage can benefit any Western horse, no matter what discipline you ride. Riders who compete in breed shows will find that adding Western Dressage to their repertoire improves their horse’s performance in those other disciplines.
Let’s say you’ve been showing in Western pleasure or trail classes. Introductory Level dressage skills are for horses and riders that are proficient in the walk and trot

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